Monday, February 2, 2015

Lunch and dinner

Before the meeting started, I had time to buy some lunch. I bought a very spicy kebab, in a place I sometimes visit when I am in Tokyo.

After the work meeting finally ended, everyone was expected to have dinner together and keep talking about work related things. The food was very nice, but when I finally got off work at 22:30 I was pretty tired.

A dish called "German potato". Nice, but not very German.

Mussels steamed in wine 

The girl who brought our smoked mackerel gave it a light touch with a torch, and one of the other guys said I should take a movie of this, not a photo. I said that a photo would be good enough, and then the girl said "Yabai!" (not a polite word to use when talking to customers; means some like "Uh oh!" or "Oh Shit!"). She had managed to set fire to some of the decorations. She quickly put out the fire, but I should indeed have recorded this as a movie...

Raw octopus, not raw oysters, strange cheese. Very good.

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