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Monday, February 9, 2015

Extreme servings of noodles

I passed by a very old soba noodle restaurant. They only serve yakisoba. You get plain noodles and have a selection of sauces at your table, I am told. They have many different sizes of yakisoba servings, though. The top shelf says "normal", the second says "large". Already at large, it is more than I would comfortably be able to eat... Then it goes on and on to even more ridiculous sizes...

The names are pretty interesting too: "normal", "large", "jumbo", "super jumbo", "miracle jumbo", "ultra jumbo", "try to eat even this much", "even if you die, we take no responsibility", and "unbelievable". Without the plastic models showing you what the different choices, I would not intuitively be able to guess if "miracle jumbo" is more or less food than "ultra jumbo", so this plastic model culture in Japan is quite useful.

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