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Monday, February 9, 2015

LEGO blocks made from chocolate?

A girl I know gave me an early Valentine's Day chocolate gift. It was chocolate in very bright colors, shaped like "nano blocks" (a LEGO block clone). And the boxes claim that you will be able to build different models too. We were both wondering how that would work, since chocolate seems a bit brittle.

It turns out that you get block shaped chocolate to eat and a bag of plastic nano blocks to build the models with, The chocolate is only block shaped on the top, so they cannot be used to build models, sadly.

I assembled the models and I think I made them correctly. I did end up with about 50% of the pieces unused, which makes me a bit unsure... did I miss building some part of the models?


  1. Det kanske är meningen att man ska fantisera ihop egna små figurer med resterna? Eller ha i reserv om bitarna kommer bort.. :-) En variant av Kinder Egg..

    1. Ja, jag tror också att det är antingen reservdelar eller delar så att man även kan bygga andra saker.