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Friday, February 13, 2015

Giant chocolate (and zombie chocolate)

All my foreigner friends say :"That is one huge piece of chocolate" when they see this photo, and all my Japanese friends say: "You look good in sunglasses" when they see it (despite the sunglasses being bought in the dollar store for 1 dollar to use in a magic trick).

Yesterday I received a huge chocolate bar. Really huge. If you open it up, it contains the same Meiji milk chocolate as the normal sized chocolate bars they sell that look the same except smaller. It just contains a very much larger amount of chocolate.

This was given to me by a friend who every year says "I cannot believe you never get any chocolate at Valentine's Day" (which very many people say to me). This year, I have received quite a lot of chocolate though, so maybe my 10th Valentine in Japan is finally when everything changes and I get treated like the Japanese men around me.

Anyway, my friend said the same thing last year, and I said that I guess I am just very unpopular. She said she was sure that was not the case, but then again not even she herself gave me any chocolate last year... despite us having that discussion a few days before Valentine's Day. So I am not sure why she is so surprised that everyone else does what she does.

This year, she gave me this huge block of chocolate, though. And a small box of chocolate that tastes of strawberries and of mochi (gooey rice cakes made from sweet rice). I also got a small piece of chocolate promoting the zombie anime Francesca.

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