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Friday, February 6, 2015

Champagne filled trousers; visiting A Majide again

I also dropped by the magic bar A Majide again. There I talked to master Kubo for a long time about new crazy magic props he had built and things like that. At a late hour, two women working in the bar next door and a fairly rich looking man showed up. He bought champagne and gave me lots of it. He also gave me a lot of chocolate from the U.S. He travels a lot for work, he said. He will be in Sapporo next week, for instance.

One of the girls had never been to a magic bar before, and her reactions to the magic were really funny. The man had been to magic bars in Tokyo, and it turned out he had met the magician Yamato there, so they already knew each other.

During one magic trick, there was too much surprise going on, so someone's champagne glass got turned over, and almost all of the champagne ended up on my trousers. Everyone worried about the girl next to me, but she was perfectly fine (since I absorbed all the champagne with my clothes). I had only brought one pair of trousers to Osaka, so I guess the guy sitting next to me on the plane back to Sapporo a few hours later might have wondered why this crazy foreigner smelled like an alcoholic so early in the morning...

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