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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Party at One Star Bar

Chocolate fondue with tomatoes and bread...

Yesterday there was a party for "lonely people" (on account of it being Valentine's Day soon) in a place called One Star Bar, where one of my friends works. I was asked to do a magic show there, and there were other performances too. There was also some light food, and unlimited alcohol from 18:30 to 23:30, the common way to have parties in Japan.

There was a set of amateur karaoke, where different people came on stage and sang songs of their own choosing. There was no karaoke machine with music and lyrics, instead there were two guys playing guitars (and you had to remember the lyrics yourself). The quality of the singers was very high!

Later, three women forming the group Amuse entertained us with different types of songs for half an hour or so. They were great. They played piano and flute, and sang. They covered a wide range of music, with musical pieces from the Phantom of the opera and Les Miserables, anime and computer game songs, pop songs, and much more.

I did about 30 minutes of magic on the stage. It went over very well. My friend helped by giving me a very nice introduction where he explained that I "had come all the way from Sweden just for this event" and things like that. It helped set the mood to "not too serious", so my funny tricks were properly appreciated. Afterwards I was also asked to visit some of the tables and do some more magic for people who said they wanted to see some more.

Since it was a Valentine's party everyone also got some chocolate. So my Valentine's chocolate count for 2015 is through the roof compared to previous years, and it is not even Valentine's Day yet!

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