Friday, February 6, 2015

A Omoro

Many years ago, I visited a magic bar in Osaka called "A Omoro" ("Ah, funny"). This time around in Osaka I arrived on a Sunday and most places are closed on Sundays. A Omoro is open on Sundays though, so this was an excellent opportunity to visit there again.

My hotel was not that far from A Omoro, and I only got a little lost on the way there. When I arrived there were four guys working and two guests there. The guests left more or less when I got there, and when I left two other guests showed up.

I got to see three different magicians perform. One of them I had seen before, in another magic bar. All of them were funny. After the magic was over, they also talked to be about Sweden and other things. We had some fairly long conversations about IKEA and strange Swedish food.

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