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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some ideas that are not good but still became products: Pizza flavored chocolate. Blue cheese flavored chocolate.

The convenience store across the street had a massive price cut on two chocolate products. One contains two types of chocolates: pizza flavored chocolate and cheese flavored chocolate. The other one also contains two types of chocolates: blue cheese flavored chocolate and Gouda cheese flavored chocolate.

All of these sound like horrible ideas. The fact that they have to sell them at a serious discount also indicates that everyone else also thinks so. I figured that I would at least get an interesting story for my blog and bought one bag of each to try these weird creations.

The pizza flavored chocolate is pretty bad, but it is still the best of the four types. The blue cheese chocolate is not as bad as I had feared, but it is still bad. It gets second place. The Gouda cheese and the cheese chocolate were a tie for the worst idea.

You get three or four of each type, so I have spent the afternoon trying to convince my colleagues to try new and exotic chocolate flavors. They are skeptical, but one of them tried the two flavors that I think are the "best". He agreed that they were not good, and complained that he had a weird taste in his mouth for a long time afterwards...


  1. Jag kräver INTE smaktest av detta, dock.. :-) (apropå bananglassen i förra inlägget)

    1. Chokladen har jag redan testat, men det var så illa att jag inte åt mer än en av varje sort. Sen la jag resten på vårt bord med "här är snacks för vem som helst som vill äta dem".

  2. Det lät verkligen INTE gott!! :-)