Friday, August 14, 2015

Doing weird things for magic

My friend's version

After spending Friday night and most of Saturday in Tokyo doing boring work, I got back to Sapporo slightly before midnight. I was scheduled to get up ridiculously early on Sunday too, to go to a friend's wedding. I stopped by our magic bar on my way home (it is on the way from the station to my place) to see if my colleague who would be alone in the bar on a Saturday (the busiest day) since the other magicians were off working at some sporting event. Normally there are three of us in the bar on Saturdays, and if it is busy that is not really enough. Doing all that alone is not great.

My version.

It was pretty busy when I got there, and soon after I arrived the bar was full. So I had to stay around to work for a few hours. Another guy was coming from our other magic bar since they were closing early (slightly after midnight), but when he showed up some of his friends showed up and since the bar was full they could not come in. So he ended up leaving with them, taking them to some other place. So I had to stick around even longer.

I did a magic trick where a huge whiteboard that says something in Japanese that is similar to "Surprise!" in English, which everyone likes this year. In fact, some people liked it so much that they asked the next magician to do the same thing during his performance. So he had me write the same thing on his stomach. With a non-erasable pen. That sure surprised everyone. But seemed like a fairly stupid thing to do. But he is dedicated to entertainment, I guess.

I left while the place was still pretty full, but at least the other magician had come back again so there were two of them. When I woke up the next morning, I could have used 4 more hours of sleep, though. At least. And it was a busy day with weddings, magic shows, and then going back to Tokyo for more research meetings...

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