Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trick Art exhibition in Sapporo Factory 2015

Back in May, I went to two different "trick art" exhibitions in Sapporo. There is another one open here for one month during the Japanese summer holiday too. "Trick Art" in Japanese means 3D paintings on walls and floors that give you a 3D appearance when watched from the right angle, and which you can interactively join in, e.g. sit on the floor and look like you are inside a painting. Some are illusions, some are just 3D paintings.

My friends doing the "Titanic"

I asked a friend that had said that she wanted to go to a trick art exhibition when she saw my previous photos, and she joined me together with her husband. We decided to go in yukatas, because summer is yukata season and it could be fun to have trick art photos with yourself in a yukata.

The suggested pose
I tried to stand upside down too, which caused me to flash my underwear to all the kids in the room. It also made me tired, since my friends kept saying "Lower. A little lower. More to the left. A little more. Too far." Moving your body around on bent arms was very tiring...

Some things looked good with the yukatas, some things were difficult in yukata. Doing hand-stands is difficult, because you end up being mostly naked when the yukata falls down. Many strange poses are impossible in yukatas (your freedom is restricted). But it was a lot of fun.

Trying to look hot (literally) when in the frying pan
First try with the frying pan
Someone should have pointed out that I should move towards the camera...
Again, the person in the frying pan is not in a good position, and we blame the guy with the camera, haha.
Juggling seven clubs when balancing on a ball.
Getting kicked in the head was easy.
Getting kicked off your feat was difficult, all photos of me are blurry. The example photo of the exhibition made it look easy, though.
I managed to take the best photo of anyone jumping, on my first and only try holding the camera.
I liked the "ninjas rappelling down from the ceiling" painting.
More ninjas
Slightly different facial expression
Climbing on the wall instead of hanging on the rope.
My super strong fingers allow me to hang on to the ceiling in this pose.
Hanging upside down.
My friend was surprised by my "so cute" pose in this painting.
My normal style is not "so cute"
Saved from falling

Not sure what is going on
I am going to pull this tongue even if it is the last thing I do.
You could also borrow cool hats.
The fan is mine, the hat is borrowed.
The flying carpet painting was bad in the sense that it was pretty much impossible to get the pillars on the left side and on the right side to look straight at the same time. In this photo, as a compromise neither side looks good.
Again, the perspective is weird. But I like the facial expression.
Falling off
No day is complete without some "tettere!". And the pillars almost look good.

Not sure if being pushed or being saved
Again, not sure what is going on here
Cute couple juggling
I like this photo. And not only because I am the one who took this masterpiece.


  1. Riktigt häftiga bilder!! Grejen med stekpannan var kul! :-)

    1. Ja, stekpannan var bra. Annars var det många som var svåra att göra något kul med.