Saturday, August 1, 2015

Meat patty with potato salad inside

The French guy in our lab had his birthday this year again. Usually I am away at some conference on his birthday, but this year we don't have money for conference presentations (or more specifically for the trips) so I was in Sapporo this time. He invited some people he knows and we went out for "hanbaagu", minced meat patties.

The seat locations had playing cards. Seat one had the ace of spades, seat two had the two of spades, seat three head the three of spades, etc. But seat 11 had the queen of spades. Why?

I had one where there was potato salad and cheese inside the meat, which was good. A Bulgarian girl I know also joined the party, but since we were sitting at a long counter and she was 7 people away from me, we did not talk much. It was a nice evening, though.

Japanese penguins? I thought penguins live in the southern hemisphere.

I want a caricature of myself

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