Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kuroiwa Curry Hanten

Recently I have managed to eat at the excellent restaurant Kuroiwa Curry Hanten. They have Japanese "curry rice", and it is great. I usually add vegetables and cheese as topping. This photo is from my "hanbaagu curry".

After having ordered the huge meal above, Mr Kuroiwa asked me if I wanted some "katsu" (fried pork) too, since he was just going to throw it away otherwise... So I got even more food.

Eating at Kuroiwa Curry Hanten is not as easy as you would imagine. They close at 18:30, which is way earlier than I normally can leave work. They are also closed on Sundays, and some weekdays.

Many times when I went to restaurant, I ran into a guy who often visits our magic bar. He keeps saying: "You come here too often! You must be addicted to curry!" And I say: "But you are here every time I come, so this must go for you too!" He says that "I have not been here even once since we last met here"... but that is the same for me, of course...

He also thinks I order too many toppings. Despite him ordering twice as many things as me in most places we both visit...

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