Friday, August 14, 2015

Magic bar Surprise in Akasaka

If I chose not to sleep very much, I had time to go to a magic bar in Tokyo before the research meeting I was there for. Since it was Friday night, I figured that was an OK compromise, and visited the magic bar Surprise. Our work meetings are lately usually located near Ichigaya in Tokyo, and then Surprise, which is located in Akasaka, is very close.

They remembered me, and said that last time I was there I wore a weird t-shirt. Which they thought I did this time too.


  1. Han där med kortleken på mittenbilden, ser jäkligt bra ut!!! Just sayin'.. :-)

    1. Han är väldigt duktig och ganska känd också. Och rolig. Somliga har det lyckligt lottat :-) (Fast det är nog mest pga många långa timmar med träning. Men ändå.)