Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hanging out with balloon artists in Tokyo

After spending a few hours in the Trick Art exhibition, my friend was going to meet her balloon artist friends (they were all in Tokyo for some balloon artist event) and have dinner with them. I tagged along.

One day before we met in Tokyo, my friend put a photo of this balloon artist on Facebook with the title "taking photos secretly now". I commented that if I take photos of people in secret, I am told that it is a bad thing to do, and when she did it she got hundreds of "likes", a very unfair world. She said it was OK if I did it of her. So I took a photo in secret of the same balloon artist (who I had never met before) and put it on Facebook with the same title. The girl in the photo commented that if I kept doing things like that, she would find me and take photos of my underwear. So I uploaded a photo of me showing my underwear in reply. Japan, crazy country.

The balloon artists all had dinner at a cheap but good restaurant near the hotel where the balloon event was taking place. In the end, one guy ended up paying for everyone else, because they had helped out at the event. He paid for me too, despite me not helping out. But he thought I was funny, I guess.

All you can eat salad
Cheese, rice, chicken
Frozen mandarin orange, very nice in the Tokyo heat. Balloon artist fingers, not nice when trying to take photos of your food.

My friend wanted me to do some magic to her friends, so I did. She also said that people always kept taking photos of my underwear (which my friend indeed also had done back in Sapporo), so they all did that too...

Underwear and t-shirt in similar styles.

Not sure what is going on here.

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  1. Sista bilden : Istället för som Ulf Lundell, som "Kysser havet" jag antar att hon "Kysser solen" :-)