Saturday, August 1, 2015

German beer garden in Sapporo

After the trick art exhibition, my friends had a scheduled English conversation practice lesson. This day it was held in the Odori park beer garden (4 weeks during the summer we have a few kilometers of beer garden, i.e. tables outside where you can eat and drink cheap stuff for expensive prices). I was invited to tag along, and did not have to pay the lesson fee. Someone even gave me a bottle of tea for free.

"Beer for children". Non-alcoholic, but still...

While we were sitting there having fun, a woman with a huge camera came up to us and asked if she could take a photo for the Facebook page of the German beer garden. We said sure, and in the end they put a photo of us on their Facebook page. We all got 100 yen coupons as a thank you for being on the Web.

"German potato" in Japan means potato, bacon, and pepper.
"German" sausages, and some sauerkraut.

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