Monday, January 25, 2016

German food

The German business trip was full of stress (the people we cooperate with had not built the stuff they were supposed to have built, my boss decided we needed to build some new stuff with short notice, the presentations were long and not that relevant to me, etc. etc.) and it did not help that everyone back in Japan had a five day holiday and kept posting updates on how much fun they were having, haha.


One thing that was great in Germany was the food, though. The breakfast and lunch buffets were very good. Lots of food that you cannot find in Japan but that was similar to Swedish food. I ate way too much.


Bread! Japanese "pan" (which is often translated as "bread") is good but it is not very similar to European bread.
This was some weird bone marrow ball soup that I was told was a local specialty.
The thing on the right was some form of wheat based porridge, perhaps? Some local specialty.
Chocolate banana cake, served at breakfast
More bread!

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