Monday, January 25, 2016

Why did you come to Japan?

I had a change of flights at Narita airport and there I was interviewed by the TV show 「ユーは何しに日本へ?」 ("Why did you come to Japan?"). This show is very popular and they find interesting looking people in the airports and talk to them. If you are very interesting, they follow you around in Japan for a few days too.

They found my t-shirt funny and I did some magic tricks for them, but in the end they never broadcast anything with me. The second you mention that you live in Japan, they become very uninterested. Next time I run into them, I will have to pretend to be a tourist and tell them of some of all the crazy plans I have in my calendar ("experience Japanese Halloween" or something).

I did get a photo with the TV crew, though. And the interview was a quite fun way to pass the time.

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