Friday, January 22, 2016

Special Star Wars exhibit and chance meetings

In September there was a special Star Wars related art exhibit in our Art Forest. All staff at our university got 70% off on the entrance fee for some unknown reason (and all students got in for free), so I went to see the exhibit. It was very nice.

There were some costumes and props used in the old star wars movies, but most of the things on display were items inspired by Star Wars. There were lots of paintings by various artists inspired by Star Wars. There were also model dioramas. And technical descriptions and detailed drawings of Star Wars machines. There were some videos of George Lucas talking about his relationship with Japan too.

You could not take photos inside, but there was a storm trooper you could pose in front of and a light saber you could borrow. There was also a big Darth Vader outside where you could take photos.

Since I was there alone I had to ask random strangers to take photos for me, or take selfies. But when I was about to leave and go home, a young girl said: "Jonas?" She is a friend of the wife of one of my friends and we have met many times in our magic bar. I also keep running in to her in random places, especially on Halloweens. In fact, I run into her so often that she probably thinks I am a stalker. I sure think she is a stalker... But she seemed happy to see me, because she said she has zero sense of direction and was not sure she could find her way back to Sapporo alone...

Selfie with Darth Vader
There were some people visiting the exhibit in Star Wars costumes. Some of them were really good.

There was also a shop were you could by lots of different Star Wars stuff. I bought huge amounts and ended up with a very large bag difficult to get into the bus on the ride home.

Star Wars hangers
Star Wars kokeshi dolls
Star Wars sushi plates
C3PO tea cup

Some of the stuff I bought
Darth Vader coins and storm trooper coins
Darth Vader sandwich maker
Storm trooper sandwich maker

Someone I know
Waiting for the bus home

I also found a vending machine selling small wooden puzzles, and bought lots of that too

The Art Park has a surprisingly beautiful bus stop.


  1. Den där smörgåsgrejen (Var det för varma mackor eller bara för att forma vanliga?) skulle nog Micke gilla..

    1. Jag har inte haft tid att öppna dem ännu, så jag vet inte :-) Det fanns R2D2 också, men jag fick inte plats med mer grejer i påsen.