Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One magical night in Nagoya

After having worked the whole Silver Week holiday, I asked my boss if it was OK to use some vacation days and go back to Sweden for two weeks. He first thought I said one week and was a bit skeptical but relented. After I understood that he though I would be back in five days (which is a bit short since the just the travel to and from my parents' place takes three days) I pointed out that I would actually be gone for two whole weeks. He then said that that was pretty much impossible, but I argued that since I had just lost four public holidays to work and then had my salary deducted too, I did not feel that motivated to work. And since I did not have anything in particular that needed to be done in October, it was also a good time to use up the vacation days, and I was finally allowed to go on vacation.

In Nagoya they had 肉まん風パン, "bread that is similar to steamed buns with meat". I like nikuman (the steamed buns) and tried this bread. It was pretty good, but not as good as the steamed buns.
They also had chocolate that said "blueberry ice cream flavor". Why not "blueberry flavor"? Does blueberry ice cream not taste like blueberries? The chocolate tasted mainly like "chocolate", though.

I bought some surprisingly cheap tickets to Sweden (only 60% of what I paid the last time). I had a very early flight from Nagoya to Europe, so I had to fly from Sapporo to Nagoya the night before. I found a magic bar in Nagoya (there are many) and spent an hour and a half there. It was fun.

On the way to magic bar "Move"
The magician in magic bar Move

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