Thursday, January 28, 2016

Japanese business cards in Magic Bar Stockholm

When I visit Sweden, I try to find time to go see some magic. I learned magic after moving to Japan, so I have no idea what kind of magic is popular in Sweden and I don't really know any Swedish magicians. Since I have now been watching magic in Sweden quite a few times, I guess I do know a few magicians and have some idea of what magic they usually perform.

In Stockholm there is a place called Magic Bar Stockholm where you can see magic. They also serve food. The food is usually very good. This time it was great. On weekdays someone will come to your table and do some magic for you. On weekends they also have a stage show.

When I visited Sweden in October I got to see Isidor Olsbjörk and Martin Hansson. Isidor was presented as the Swedish champion of magic, if I remember correctly. He did some very impressive coin magic on stage. He also did some funny card and blood magic.

Me and Isidor Olsbjörk
The magician Martin Hansson had been mentioned to me before, since apparently he often comes to Japan to do magic. He was very funny on stage. He showed a fork up his nose and then licked the fork after he pulled it out, which was pretty gross. He did the Gypsy thread mystery with a balloon to the music "Let me entertain you" by Robbie Williams, which was hilarious, haha.

Me and Martin Hansson

He had his name in Japanese on his business cards, which I guess is not very common in Sweden. After the show he sat down and talked to me for quite some time. He was very nice. Turns out we grew up in the same area and went to the same high school. He also trains/teaches aikido, and said he has a standing invitation to come to Sapporo to some aikido dojo here. I also spoke quite a lot to one of his aikido friends who was there because she did a short skit in his magic show on stage.

Me and Michael Halvarson

I also spotted the magician and pick-pocket expert Michael Halvarson who was in the restaurant with his family. I asked if it was OK to take photo with him and he kindly agreed. He worked as a pick-pocket with Circue du Soleil and has been on Swedish TV quite a bit.

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