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Friday, January 22, 2016

Weird English and weirdly shaped ice cream

There is a series of ice cream called Pino that come in boxes of six round ice cream blobs covered in chocolate. The most common is vanilla ice cream in chocolate. There are many variations with berry flavors, coffee flavor, caramel coating, or whatnot. They also have heart shaped and star shaped items in some boxes. I found one heart and one star recently. In some boxes you can find up to six weirdly shaped ones. But that is apparently incredibly rare.

When eating ice cream I walked past a sign in "English" describing some construction work going on. I think they meant to say something like "To help blind people and people who do not walk so well, we are doing some changes to the sidewalk. We appreciate your understanding.", but it came out a bit different...


  1. :-) Inte ens Google översätt får väl till det så tokigt?? Undrar vad dom använder? :-)

    1. Ja, det kan man ju fråga sig. Jag skulle gissa att de har någon som arbetar där som "är bra på engelska" enligt de andra och som får översätta allt. Men skyltarna ser ju rätt dyra ut så man kan ju tycka att de skulle kunna kosta på sig att få dem korrekturlästa eller professionellt översatta.