Monday, April 9, 2012

Party on the tram!

"Reserved", in Japanese
The inside looked a bit different from during normal traffic.
Today I rode the Sapporo City Tramway for the first time, despite living here for almost six years. It was a special event, where one tramway car was rented, and there was food and alcohol available. So we rode from one end of the line to a train yard (short toilet break) to the other end of the line, and then back again. The whole trip took about two hours.

Our tram, looking a bit lonely in the dark.
It was quite fun, though the space was very crowded so it was impossible to move around. There was plenty of alcohol, but not so much food.

Some of the food was less than plentiful. This boat had food that was delicious but there was only this one boat for 34 people to share.

Two comedians were talking through pretty much the whole trip, trying to ensure everyone had a good time. They were quite funny a lot of the time, and a bit annoying some of the time. There was a woman who made some really funny comments towards them, and after that they were pretty mean to her the rest of the trip, which was a bit strange, though she was quite capable of returning the favor (she was funnier than they were, a lot of the time).

I liked the break at the train yard. There were lots of trams parked there, and it was something you would not normally get to see.

The train yard had lots of trams.
Snow plowing tram?
Another tram with a big brush.
Is it really a good idea to let drunk citizens wander around in places like this? What happens if someone decides to flip around a lot of this things?

Near the end of the line, some of us waved to some people waiting outside, and two girl waved back. Very nice of them. I wonder what they thought of this tram, lit up like a brothel and full of drunk people, haha.

For the first time, I learnt the standard fare for using the tramway.

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