Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gluing a zipper to your face

Retouching the black paint before doing some magic.

Yesterday it was finally actually Halloween, so I decided to glue a zipper to my face and paint the rest like the zombie style I had previously. I bought a longer zipper, and 20 cm turned out to be just about right.

Some girls that came in from a neighboring bar just to take a picture with me.

I was thinking of painting everything "inside" the zipper with fake blood, but decided to try painting it black instead. That was perhaps not the best idea, because it made the zipper kind of hard to make out from far away. Next time I should have a more visual zipper too, I guess. But the black paint is much less itchy and does not stick to everything like painting yourself with syrup (fake blood) is, so there are benefits too.

Some girls that had my magician colleagues call me and ask me to come and show my weird face.
I went to a place where a friend works, and people from nearby bars also came in to take pictures with me. Then my colleagues in the magic bar called and said that there were some girls in the bar that wanted to see me (or more specifically my make up, but since it was stuck to my face that would mean seeing me) so I went there and took some pictures with them too. I also had to do some magic for them, and for a regular customer who was visiting the bar too. Then most of the customers left and we played card games for a few hours.

Finally, I visited another place were another friend works. There I ran into another customer from our magic bar, who bought me drinks in return for me posing with the women he was drinking with for some pictures (I would have posed for free too, of course).

My first try at gluing a zipper to my face, step by step

Actually gluing the zipper on the face.
Applying some paint.
Adding blood, since everything looks better covered in blood (for instance, the joint between the zipper and the skin stands out a lot less, even without using any expensive make up putty or anything at all).
It is cold in Sapporo this time of year, so wearing a jacket is good.
7 hours later, the black paint has seriously degraded. The blood and the zipper are still doing fine (one more reason to paint yourself with blood instead of black).
The zipper came off easier than expected. Most of my skin and eyebrows are still stuck to my face too!
After removing the zipper.

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