Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog tip: how to batch resize all photos in a Picasa web album

Recently I wanted to resize all the pictures I have uploaded to my blog and Google+ etc. They end up in a Picasa web album, and in the web interface I did not find a "resize" option that you could use on a lot of pictures at once. My Google skills also did not give anything useful (only people talking about how inconvenient it is that there is not batch processing option).

Anyway, I found out how to do it, at least for the size I wanted to resize my photos to, and since no one else seemed to have written anything on how to do it, here goes...

To resize all the photos in a Picasa web album without much effort do this (only works when resizing to sizes you can select as "Default upload size"):

1) Install Picasa.

2) Import your web album in your local installation of Picasa.

3) Click the option "Sync to web" to set it to "On". (Can be found in the upper right corner of the part showing your album in Picasa, and in other places too I think).

4) Edit your default upload options and set them to what you want to rescale your photos to. Tools->Options->Google+ photos->Default upload size

5) If you do not have time to wait for it to automatically sync, you can force syncing by right clicking on the Picasa folder, Online Actions->Refresh Online Status.

All your pictures downloaded from the web album will be re-uploaded with the new size.


  1. Thanks for this! I googled what to do when you run out of photo storage on your blog and I found you. I only needed my photos to be small for my blog, so after following your instructions I shrunk them all easily and now I have tons of storage room left. Much appreciated :)

  2. One more! Thanks a lot Jonas!
    Really, sometimes Google is very clumsy...

    1. Glad you found the post, and glad you too found it useful :-)

      Actually, this post is consistently one of the most accessed posts on the blog (as of this moment there are over 700 other posts to compete with), competing with the "Men's milk drink", "Sapporo Zombie Walk", and the "Party on the tram" (the number one post).

  3. So helpful! I found other techniques that involved downloading everything via Takeout, but that loses all metadata on the photos when you resize and re-upload. This is brilliant.

    One thing to note: when they re-upload, Google+ will say you’re tagging all your tags again. It will do it as a “private share”, but the people tagged will probably be re-notified. Might promote more activity on G+. ;)


    1. It is always nice to hear that someone finds something on my blog useful :-)

      This blog post is still one of the top posts, despite being two years old.

  4. Thank you for your help. That's a life saver Sir. Much appreciated. God bless you