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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A "saabisu" (service) of cold things

Frozen strawberries, filled with ice cream.
Sapporo has been unusually hot this summer and one day when I was walking around at night visiting places where my friends work, everyone was giving out free stuff. In Japan, "saabisu" (which is the English word "service") means something you get for free. So a "one drink saabisu" means they will give you one drink for free.

Shredded ice
At our magic bar, someone had come from Hakodate and brought the Hakodate omiyage of frozen strawberries with ice cream. Since the staff could not eat all of them themselves, I got one too. I later visited another bar where my friend from Otaru works, and they had bought a "kaki koori" machine. "Kaki koori" means (and is) shredded ice. You could have shredded ice with different fruit syrups or with alcohol, for free.

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