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Sunday, August 19, 2012

German part of the Sapporo beer garden

In the summer, Sapporo has a "Sapporo Beer Garden", which is a few kilometers of tables placed outside, in the Odori park in the middle of Sapporo, where people drink beer. This event is open every day for one month or so, and on a day with good weather there are as many as 20 000 people coming to the beer garden, someone told me. Most get completely wasted, but no one ever fights or behaves aggressively.

I went to the "German Village" part of the beer garden with my two Swedish friends who are here on vacation. There are six different sections. One section for each of the big Japanese beer makers (Kirin Beer, Sapporo Beer, Asahi Beer, Suntory Beer), one with international beers, and one with German beers. The Japanese ones are always full, and the international ones are not that popular.

We were asked to wear funny hats, and sing along in some German drinking song. The food was nice (but expensive).

German food means meat

When queuing for food, the number you got was given to you as a playing card. Using the same brand of cards I use when performing for large groups of kids! 

This dish is called "German potatoes" in Japanese

Cucumber with miso paste. Not so German, perhaps, but very good.

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