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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Skansen is a great place to visit for tourists in Stockholm. It is part museum of old Swedish houses; they brought lots of old houses from various time periods and various places to Skansen and reassembled them there. It is also part zoo; there is one zoo of "Swedish wild animals", one zoo of "exotic animals", and there are Swedish farm animals all over the place helping with the realism of the houses (i.e. pigs in an old pig sty). There are also lots of people doing things in the "old way" while wearing clothes from that time period.

So you can go to an old bakery building, watch people wearing clothes from the same period as the building and baking bread in the way it was baked then, using recipes from that time. And you can then buy the bread they baked. You can see traditional weaving, glass working, farm animal feeding, and much more. You can eat traditional Swedish food, and they celebrate all the big Swedish holidays too. There are some stages where there are concerts too. And it is located on a hill, so the view of Stockholm from there is great! Well worth a visit, in my opinion.

I went there with my Japanese friend, and since she too likes animals we spent a lot of time in the zoo parts. And we found some Swedish waffles to eat too.

You can walk with the lemurs.

You are not allowed to touch the lemurs, but they can touch you, like the one climbing on this German tourist.

This girl became very angry with her dad when he tried to be in the picture with her. She wanted to be alone with the lemurs in the photo, haha.

Me, my "I am not Japanese" t-shirt, and a lemur

There were some "nude rats" that looked weird.

There was a snake that you could pet.

I also petted a spider.

Very Swedish looking Swedish house

Before the red color was mass produced, Swedish houses had this grayish color.

An example of the very nice view from Skansen.

A wolverine in the "wild Swedish animals" zoo.

My Japanese friend found it hilarious that this woman had the Chinese (also the Japanese) letter for "woman" as a tattoo.

A Swedish waffle, for once not made by me

There was a very long line to the waffles. My Japanese friend said she always got angry with the lines in Sweden, as does my brother's girlfriend. Swedish people do not get angry when there are lines. And trying to explain that getting angry will not make things go faster makes Japanese girls get even angrier, haha!

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