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Friday, August 31, 2012

Omiyage t-shirt

Yesterday I received a Hokkaido souvenir t-shirt from a friend who traveled to some other part of Hokkaido. We both live in Hokkaido, though. But I still got a t-shirt full of Hokkaido dialect expressions, and a "I love Hokkaido" written in Japanese. There is also English text: "Hokkaido is wonderful in Japan", which sounds a bit strange...

Anyway, we usually have lunch in the nearby student cafeteria. Recently, the staff there have high expectations for my t-shirts. It seemed to start with me wearing a t-shirt saying "I am not Japanese" in Japanese. They laughed for over 5 minutes at that shirt... So for a few weeks now, they look at my shirt and comment. "Ah, Starwars desu ne!" when I wear a "Starwars Coffe" parody t-shirt etc.

On Tuesday, I wore a perfectly normal and pretty nice t-shirt. The woman at the register looked at it for a long time and then gave me a questioning face. I said: "Yes, today it is not a funny shirt. Sorry." And she said: "Yes, it looks very normal." (with a nuance of "in a bad way") and looked very disappointed. I said sorry again, and she said she was looking forward to next time... The pressure on me to wear funny shirts is very high!!

I wore the "I am not Japanese" shirt again, and she said that she thinks that is the best one. I have also worn an Adidas pun shirt, a shirt saying "Super Masochist", a shirt saying "In some sense a god", 6 different shirts with animals being cannibals (like a family of pigs eating pork), two different Starbucks parody shirts, a shirt saying "I am single" in Chinese, a t-shirt saying "I love Kobe", and maybe something else.

I once also produced a piece of sushi by magic when commented on that there was a salmon eating salmon sushi on my t-shirt.

Today I wore the souvenir shirt, which only has print on the back. So I got the questioning face again, and said "The print is only on the back" and showed my back. She laughed a little at that.

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