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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hunting for mushrooms

Since the summer in Sweden had been something like the rainiest summer in recorded history, there were good chances of finding nice mushrooms in the forests when we were in Sweden. Since picking mushrooms and berries is a popular and common Swedish summer activity, we took some time during the afternoon to go looking for some, but we found a group of men coming out of the forest saying: "Ah, by now there are only tiny ones left"... They had been picking since the morning so there was not so much left for us withing reasonable walking distances.

Our very meager findings.
Since the summer had also seen one of the coldest Junes ever, there were not so much in the ways of berries either. It had been too cold even for the hardy Swedish berries. Otherwise, Swedish forests are full of berries.

We did get a lot of mosquito bites, though. Lots of rain meant lots of places for mosquitoes to lay eggs, so there were even more of them than normally.

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