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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dress up party

Me, dressed up in almost normal clothes (though the shirt actually has a light purple snake leather design...)
Since my brother is getting married soon, there was a party celebrating this. The party consisted mainly of enormous amounts of very good food. Showing up in  swimwear would be impolite, so I dressed up and even had a long sleeved shirt on. And no funny prints on the t-shirt either.

Lots of food, but there was much more...
Apparently, we even managed to finish a cake for 10 people (though we were only 6) after eating all the main food, which was impressive.

Salmon salmon salmon salmon

A kind of small lobster that live in the Swedish seas

Mushrooms we picked the day before

More salmon

Fish row and shrimps in mayonnaise, and more salmon based stuff

First serving

Second serving

Third serving

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