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Monday, August 6, 2012

Stockholm "old town"

This square is featured in every guide book of Stockholm, I think. So I took a picture.
After visiting the Drottningholm palace, I went to downtown Stockholm by subway with my friend. My brother and his girlfriend tire easily, so they went home.
As soon as the weather allows (i.e. the sun comes up after being gone during the winter and temperature goes above 15 degrees Celsius) Swedish people love to eat outside, so all restaurants have tables outside too.
Stockholm is built on top of a set of islands, on the border between Sweden's third largest lake and the sea. The island which is kind of in the middle of the whole water crossing is the "old town" of Stockholm, and most buildings there have been standing there for several hundred years. The "Stockholm Palace is located here, and there are several museums, churches, and other things to see. There are also many restaurants, and lots of touristy shops.
Kids were washing their hair or trying to cool themselves in a fountain.
The weather cleared up and it actually became rather hot as we walked around. We visited a few museums that I like, looked in some shops, and generally took in the view of one of the more beautiful parts of Stockholm.
Lots of churches in Stockholm
Stockholm most narrow street.
When standing outside the Stockholm palace, you have a nice view of the Stockholm National Museum (art museum).
This boat is a youth hostel.
I sometimes think I should start dressing like this. Then I remember that I feel too hot even when wearing just a t-shirt.
Our politicians work here, when they are not on summer vacation. 
The Stockholm palace. Not very pretty.
The Stockholm city hall, where things like the Nobel Prize gala dinner is held.

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