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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sea food with Swedes

Back in winter, a Swedish friend of mine left Sapporo to go back to Sweden after half a year here. He and his girlfriend often visit Sapporo during their vacations, and they came here this summer too. They came here pretty much the same day I went to Sweden, which was kind of bad timing. But since they have 6 times more vacation days per year than I have, their trip to Japan was significantly longer than my trip to Sweden, so we met many times here in Sapporo.
Small fish

When my friend left last time, we had a "last supper" at a sea food restaurant he likes. It was the first time I went there. During their stay here in Sapporo again, we went back there and had more of the very nice fish they serve.

Spring rolls with vegetables and some fish


Surprisingly, not fish! Potatoes.

Salmon and rice in tea

We also got "saabisu" (free stuff): melon

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