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Sunday, August 19, 2012

More standing in line

The morning of our last free day in Sweden, we walked 1 km to the big supermarket nearby and shopped Swedish food and other small things to use as omiyage (souvenirs). We spent over 100 Euros (10 000 yen) which is my personal record in that store. My friends luggage got several kilos over the baggage limit of the airline, but since I have almost no luggage she gave me 4 kilos of candy and jam to put in my bag instead... So I got the pleasure of carrying a heavier bag and worrying about a big glass jar with very red jam being un-gently handled together with all my clothes, haha. But it came to Sapporo with no problems.

I also bought a Swedish hot dog for 50 yen (50 Euro cents) since the supermarket has very cheap but also very good hot dogs. So we had to wait in line, which frustrated my Japanese friend again.

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