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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sea food and ice cream

Swedish crabs. Only 550 yen for 4 boiled crabs!
We bought some Swedish crabs for dinner. I was surprised by how cheap they were. Four fairly big crabs cost only 50 Swedish kronor, which is roughly 5 Euro (or 5 dollars, or 550 yen)! In Japan, I paid something like 6000 yen for 2 crabs last time I bought crabs...

My brothers lunch, fish row and shrimp mix in a rye bread

My lunch, smoked mackerel

My friends lunch, fish soup

We also had some very nice sea food for lunch.

I ordered ice cream of the size "the Classic", and got this.
Swedish people eat inordinate amounts of ice cream in the summer (and fairly large amounts of ice cream in the winter too), so we had some ice cream before going home too.

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