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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Salmon! And ice cream with crazy amounts of topping!

My salmon crepe
We went to a place called the "Salmon store", that sells food containing salmon. They have all kinds of stuff with salmon, all of it very good. We bought a lot of stuff to bring with us and have the next day, but I also bought a salmon crepe to have for lunch there. 

Endless types of salmon based food

Ice cream hidden under immense amounts of free toppings!

Ice cream and not so much topping, because "I am on a diet".

The others did not want any food for lunch, since we were also planning on visiting the ice cream shop next doors. They have a very wide selection of ice cream flavors, and their ice cream tastes very good. They also have a crazy amount of toppings available. And toppings are free. You can take as much topping of any type you want as long as it fits on your ice cream!

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