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Monday, August 6, 2012

Swedish dinner: Reindeer stew

Entrees: shrimp/mayonnaise/dill mix on bread, and another form of cured salmon
Lingonberry jam (コケモモのジャム)

My mom's home made pickles

Reindeer stew: reindeer meat, mushrooms picked by my parents, onion, leek, lingonberry, and more.

My mom asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted to eat when I was in Sweden, so I asked for reindeer stew. This is a common dish in Sweden and not normally something you would cook when you have guests (it being too normal and thus a bit rude; for a guest you should cook something more special). In Japan, people do not eat reindeer, though, so it would be a new experience for my friend. My previous Japanese visitors have all liked reindeer stew too. And most importantly, I like it.

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