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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bitten, again!

A minute or so after being bitten.
When I was talking to a girl I know who had come to our magic bar about how I was bitten by another customer a few days back, she said: "Oh! I can bite you too! When I bite, it hurt really really much!". I am not sure if "it hurts really really much" is really a positive thing, but she was insistent.

She only bit me once, but just like she had said, it hurt a LOT.

A day or two after being bitten.
It has been several years since I trained the medieval fencing I used to do back in Sweden. Back then, I would have huge bruises and fingers too swollen to bend most of the time. People hitting each other with sticks, that kind of thing. It has been awhile since I experienced that kind of pain, so it was a bit nostalgic. The resulting bruise was not much when compared to the effects of our sparring back in Sweden, but a fairly respectable bruise considering I was "only" bitten by a girl.

She says that when the bruise fades, she is ready to bite me again to give me a new bruise. Maybe this is some Japanese custom or something?

A week or so after being bitten.

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