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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trying to find tiny panties

I want to do a magic trick with a disappearing pair of panties instead of a disappearing handkerchief. One of my friends said that in a store in Sapporo they were selling panties that when folded up looked kind of like a rose, and that came with a rose stalk so you could make a flower out of them. They might be small enough for my magic trick, he suggested.

I went looking for such panties, but after much searching the result is that they are no longer sold. The staff even called all other stores in the Sapporo area that might have them and asked on my behalf, but no one has them anymore.

I figured there must be other ways to buy panties too, like for instance going to an underwear shop. I found a place that sells costumes, joke products, etc., and that also sells underwear. They might have some very light and small underwear. And they are also cheap. I bought a very cheap pair of panties that seemed to have minimal amounts of cloth.

Once I got home, it turns out that these panties are too big for the magic trick. So now I have a strange pair of panties hanging from a hanger among my magic props.

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