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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Otaru ushio matsuri

Sunday was the last day of the Otaru (our neighboring city) Ushio festival. This was the forth year in a row that I went there with my friend who grew up in Otaru. I put on my new yukata (at Japanese festivals in the summer, you should wear yukata) and took the train over to get stuffed on festival food and to watch the fireworks.
I want to try running inside a balloon on water some time. This time it was only for children...

There was a famous guy working in one of the food booths, so lots of people were taking pictures. I do not watch TV so I have no idea who he is, but I took a picture anyway.

Cucumber on a stick is a common festival food.

This slightly unconventional ("sexy style") way of wearing your yukata was not very common this year, but two years ago it was very common in Susukino (Sapporo's red light district).

My friend has colored and then hand painted the patterning on his yukata himself.

People waiting for the fireworks.

A smiley face

A spiral

Otaru has a famous canal

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