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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Strange Swedish food

Since my parents had some clean-up to do at the summer place, they told me to cook dinner for our guest. My brother and his girlfriend also decided to join in. I decided to serve examples of all the famous Swedish food and of the strange stuff that foreigners find disgusting instead of aiming for something good. It would also be a good chance for me to get to eat stuff that is hard to find outside Sweden that I like.

We bought some Swedish cheese, blood pudding, green pea soup, "The Temptation of Jansson", Swedish meatballs, Swedish bread, and some things that our guest was likely to like too. The strangest thing from a Japanese perspective is "blood pudding", which is a dish made from wheat flour and pig's blood. Most Swedes like it, and I had not had it in a long time. We also usually put lingonberry jam on the blood pudding. This is in itself a kind of strange jam, and putting jam on meat products (which is common with this jam in Sweden) is also weird to Japanese people.

Blood pudding, bacon, lingonberry jam.
My friend from Japan found the blood pudding disgusting and refused to eat. My brother's Japanese girlfriend said my blood pudding was better than the one at the school kitchen where she had tried it earlier. The green peas soup was also not very popular, so I got lots of it for myself, which was nice. The rest went over fine.

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