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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Road trip, seeing the Swedish countryside

In the countryside of Sweden, there is just a lot of greenery. This photo is from one of the more populated areas of Sweden and still there is nothing to see. In the north, it is even worse. It looks nice, though.

My brother's dog was very calm and spent most of the trip sleeping. He gets excited when the car moves slowly, though. 
My parents have a summer house (that in fact can be used even in the winter) and we went there with my parents, my friend, my brother, his girlfriend, and their dog. It is around 500 km by car, which took us 7 hours or so because we had the dog with us and he needs toilet breaks etc. from time to time.

We stopped for lunch, and I picked the most Swedish thing on the menu:  Falukorv (a kind of sausage), mashed potatoes, and tomato sauce.

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