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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fancy Dress Competition at the Sapporo Bon Odori

The cute team of  Alice in Wonderland, my favorites.
The last day of the Bon Odori in the Odori Park in Sapporo sport a fancy dress competition. There are usually around 100 competitors, and some of them are very good. I went there to watch this year too. There were several teams that were very good. I liked for instance the Batman themed team.

The girl in the middle has playing cards on her stockings!
My "cameraman" apparently has very unsteady hands, so even with flash the pictures were sometimes really bad... I liked this "ace of spades" costume, though.
My favorites was a group of girls dressed up as different characters from Alice's adventures in Wonderland. One girl was dressed as the ace of spades (human sized playing card), and another had playing card stockings. I asked them if I could take a picture together with them, since I had a playing card patterned yukata that day. According to the presentation they got at the competition, they are the "masquerade club" of some university or somesuch. A masquerade club sounds fantastically funny! I want to be in a masquerade club! I wonder what they do doing their meetings...

I also danced Bon Odori for 30 minutes or so, which all contestants also have to do. All in all, a nice Monday evening.
Some people put more effort into their dress, some less.

I liked this dancing Hello Kitty

There was a team called a "Nepalese Wedding", which had their own elephant.

My favorite team, dancing.

Another very good team. Batman, Catwoman, Robin, The Joker, The Riddler, and Harley Quinn

This team was also good. I especially liked it when the competition staff wanted to interview the guy dressed as a wall...

There was one foreigner in the competition, dressed as Mario. And it was a guy I know!

I liked the girl dressed as Dracula. She also had a bat that flew around her.


  1. I get it now! You have the Doppler effect costume, Jonas-sensei!

    1. Yup, lots of work in our high tech lab was necessary to make it :-)