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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Festival and barbecue in Futomi

It was raining, but there was a tent so we could sit outside and eat without getting wet.
After the magic show in the morning, I was also invited to a barbecue near "Sweden Hills", outside Sapporo. My Swedish friends were there, visiting my Japanese friends who live in Futomi (right below the hill that is "Sweden Hills").

Lots of souvenirs from Sweden
They said the barbecue would start at 11, which is way too early even on a Sunday with nothing scheduled but since I was playing with kids until 12:30 or so I said I could not make it earlier than 15 or so. They said that would be fine because there was also a festival in Futomi after the barbecue food was gone.

So I put on my yukata, happy to have another opportunity to use it, and set off for Futomi. When I got there, it turned out that there was indeed a festival, but there was a total of 1 person wearing yukata... me.
Festival food, gooey potato

The rain damped the festival spirit a bit, but people were still having fun.

Swedish and Polish friends of mine. Not wearing yukatas.
There was an old school rock band playing, so people were dancing.
Afterwards we also had some noodles.

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