Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jingisu kan and English

Yesterday I went out for Jingisu kan with my Swedish friends. This is a Sapporo specialty, which is basically barbecued lamb in garlic sauce. You grill your meat and vegetables yourself on an iron plate shaped vaguely like a Mongolian helmet (hence the name, which is Japanese for Genghis Khan).

Frying lamb and vegetables on a helmet shaped thing
They also served "German potatoes" (which is Japanese for "potatoes fried in a frying pan together with onions and bacon") and sauer kraut. It was the first time in a long time I had jingisu kan, so it was a nice meal. We ordered too much, as always.

"German Potatoes"
When I was taking a photo of the German flags, a young Japanese waiter came up to our table and asked (in English): "Can I take a picture of you?" This surprised me a bit, since why would he want a picture of us? Taking a closer look, he also did not have a camera. I figured that he probably meant to ask if we wanted him to take a picture of us with one of our cameras, so I asked him in Japanese if that was what he meant. Indeed it was. We said no to that offer.

He was impressed that we could speak Japanese and asked why. I said that I live in Japan, and he was even more surprised that we came to this restaurant (mainly catering to tourists) despite living in Sapporo.
Not so sour sauer kraut 
They kindly provide you with a stylish apron to wear when slobbing around with the food.
They also provide you with plastic bags to put any clothes you do not want to smell of barbecued lamb in.

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