Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Swedes visiting Sweden Hills

A rainy but not very hilly part near Sweden Hills

Outside Sapporo there is a place called Sweden Hills, because you are only allowed to put up Swedish looking houses there. I went there with two Swedish friends and we got a lot of Japanese food from our Japanese friends who live there. We also got to see some Swedish culture.

There is a huge "Dalahäst", made in Sweden and shipped to Japan, in a park on top of the Sweden Hills hill.

Swedish looking houses in Japan

They had had a "surströmming" party the day before we got there (so we were lucky in avoiding that!).

The Sweden Hills cultural center has a small library of Swedish books, including the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

The library also includes exciting books like the 1976 edition of the Swedish labor laws...

Japanese "nabe", very nice food


  1. Åhh vad jag hade velat vara med på det surströmmingspartyt!! :-) Jag älskar surströmming och att äta det i Japan hade varit coolt!! Jag hade kunnat ta Miyuki med mig, hon och jag åt det ibland när hon bodde i Sverige :-).. fast Micke skulle absolut INTE velat vara med!

    1. Jag kan äta det, men jag låter helst bli...