Friday, March 4, 2016

First time in a cigar club

When I lived in Stockholm, I used to do martial arts. I even ended up in some TV show teaching old historical fencing to contestants in the TV show because of that. I still keep in contact with my old teacher and we try to meet when I visit Sweden.

This time we had tapas for lunch, then Swedish pie for dessert. He knows lots of good restaurants. Recently he started smoking cigars as a hobby. He has joined a cigar club, and we visited the club together.

It was my first visit to a cigar club. They had posters on the wall showing Winston Churchill with a cigar in his mouth, which was pretty funny. Other than that, it seemed to be a calm and quiet place to relax in. There was Internet and drinks, I was told. What more could you need?

Cigar lighters

Instead of "cigars kill" or similar messages, this one says: "Cigars may cause people to take an interest in you".

This one says: "Cigars have a high risk of increasing your life quality".

There were lots of old pipes in front of the toilet

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