Friday, March 4, 2016

Visiting my old university to talk shop

There was a new interesting looking building at the university.

When I visit Sweden I usually stop by my old university. It is nice to meet the people I used to work with and see what they are doing now.

Nowadays, a woman I first met in Sapporo also works at my old university in Stockholm (technically their group does not belong to the university but they are located in the same buildings). She used to have me climb active volcanoes and look for rare types of moss around Sapporo and I used to teach robots to make jokes, so when we were both in Sapporo our research did not overlap very much. Nowadays she works on environmental effects of traffic, and I was involved in a project on winter road management in Sapporo, so we actually ended up doing very similar stuff. So we decided to write a paper together, now that we live in completely different parts of the world...

But we had a nice Swedish lunch and talked about research for a few hours.

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