Wednesday, April 15, 2015

29 chicken wings for free

The week of eating huge amounts of strange food continued with the birthday of my friend's wife. She had registered in some way with a restaurant, and for their registered customers they have a service that they give you either sushi or chicken wings for free on your birthday (you have to order some other food and drinks to be eligible, but then these things are added for free). In face, you get as many chicken wings as you are years old. Since it was her 29th birthday, we got a tower with 29 chicken wings for free...

Hokkaido style fish (they serve the same fish in Tokyo but it is much smaller there)

And since there were only five of us there, two being tiny Japanese women who, as most Japanese women, eat about the same amount of food as a small bird, that meant a lot of chicken wings to eat. Too much food. The chicken wings were good, but towards the end I was pretty sick of chicken wings.

The sashimi set was large enough that you could hardly see the people on the other side of the table

The rest of our group also ordered lots of other dishes before the chicken wings arrived. They asked me why I didn't order anything and worried that perhaps I did not like the type of food this restaurant served. I like almost any type of food, so that is never a problem. But since they had already ordered enough food to feed a small village for a week, I felt that ordering more was not really necessary.

The birthday plan also included a free dessert (luckily it was pretty small). The turned off the lights in the whole place and brought out the desserts to music. Then all the staff started singing and dancing some happy birthday song.


The name of this restaurant when translated to English becomes "Sea Cherry Blossom". The guy who sent us off when we were leaving commented that I had cherry blossoms on my shoes, and I pointed out that I also had cherry blossom embroidery on my t-shirt and trousers. He thought that was funny.

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