Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Buying large amounts of small plungers

I do a few magic tricks with a cell phone plunger. You can do it with other cell phone stands, other suctions cups, or with a piece of tape too, but the plunger is cute and it looks funny if you stick it to your forehead. People keep breaking my plungers, though. I have so far had three or four of them broken. I bought lots of plungers from Amazon to replace the ones that broke, but some of the ones I got where to hard, so if you stick them to playing cards (which is what I most often do), they end up ruining (crumpling) the card.

I tried another maker (also on Amazon) this time. They would not let you pick the color yourself. I prefer a red one, because it looks more like normal plunger turned small (who owns a purple plunger, for instance?) which is nice, but any color works, of course. This time I ordered 9 plungers, and they managed to give me 9 different colors. One plunger is slightly bent out of shape (the wooden shaft is attached at an angle), and that turned out to be the red one.

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