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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Star Wars t-shirts at Uniqlo

On my "shopping because I am bored" round, I also found a bunch of Star Wars t-shirts at Uniqlo. Some of them were very nice, so I bought five.

This is Yoda. Playing UFO-catcher (crane games)!

R2D2 with graffiti. The graffiti is quite clever, actually.

The back of the Darth Maul shirt had the emperor.

The back of the Darth Vader was also pretty nice.

The shirt with the land speeder also had the intro text to the first Star Wars movie.

Land speeder on the front...
... Han Solo and Chewbacca on the back.


  1. Nu är ju inte jag nåt Star Wars-fan (till Mickes stora förfäran) men vissa av dom här T-shirtarna gillar jag i allafall.. Speciellt R2D2 med grafitti.. :-)

    1. Jag gillar Star Wars, men tycker också att de lyckats få till graffitin och seriestrippen fiffigt. Darth Vader är ju en estetiskt snygg tröja också.